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TerraSeis Seismic Data Management Software

Innovative Data Management Services

A software solution for the management of structured and unstructured seismic data.


  • Fully customized management and tracking of AFEs, QIs, seismic lines, media, survey data, and wells
  • Import, export, conversion, and integration of data catalogs and seismic survey files
  • Document management and imaging
  • Report functionality
  • Professional plotting and printing of industry standard SEGP1 formatted files
  • Plots in any scale with full control of line and point annotation

Workflow analysis:
An in-depth, documented understanding of your work processes is essential in customizing the Terra software to your needs.

Business process re-engineering: Exploit the document management capabilities in TerraSeis™ to re-engineer your exploration processes.


Data catalog and media conversion: Terra converts your storage catalogs to common, consistent formats, and provides sourcing and project management for document scanning and media conversion.

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