Providing state-of-the-art data management solutions to exploration professionals for over 20 years

Seismic Data Managment

Data Viewing

View seismic shot lines in a true survey-based, geographically accurate viewer. Incorporate layers such as NTS and DLS grids, culture, and wells. Add lines, text, areas to the view, and print or plot directly from your PC. Show 3D data as an outline or show all source and receiver shot points. Point and click on a line to open the database record.

Document Imaging

Scanned documents in electronic image form (e.g: TIF or JPG) on disk or CD-ROM may be linked using third-party software for viewing and printing if desired. Most packages provide editing, faxing or e-mail features and these add increased versatility to the TerraSeisTM application.

Locate Lines Consistently

Powerful, flexible searching tools use your seismic line meta-data or SEG-P1 database to locate lines consistently and uniformly. Find and inter-relate your data in creative ways that exploit the true potential of your data resources. Show key data elements in the locate window to aid in the selection of specific data sets for further processing. Bridge from the lines you locate to the tools you need to do the job at hand - tools such as reports, data export functions, map generation, and others all under a common interface.
OUR Vision

Terra Management in partnership with Celsus Management has been providing state-of-the-art data management solutions to exploration professionals for over 20 years. With exceptional client care, experienced and talented software development and support, and attentive listening to your needs, we are your trusted source for the end-to-end business of managing exploration data


Workflow analysis

An in-depth, documented understanding of your work processes is essential in customizing the Terra software to your needs.

Business process re-engineering

Exploit the document management capabilities in TerraSeis™ to re-engineer your exploration processes.

Data catalog and media conversion

Terra converts your storage catalogs to common, consistent formats, and provides sourcing and project management for document scanning and media conversion.



Fully customized management and tracking of AFEs, QIs, seismic lines, media, survey data, and wells

Import, export, conversion, and integration of data catalogs and seismic survey files

Document management and imaging

Report functionality

Professional plotting and printing of industry standard SEGP1 formatted files

Plots in any scale with full control of line and point annotation


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