Intuitive geospatial information management software

TerraDox™ can help you!

TerraDox™ 3.2 has been designed using an open database concept that allows the user to maintain their data in one of the many currently popular database formats including Microsoft Access, SQL Server, Oracle etc.

The following are descriptions of the TerraDox™ 3.2 modules. Upon review contact Terra Management to find out how to get started on the road to efficient asset-based information management with a software package designed exclusively for your business needs.

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Asset Management Module

The Asset Management Module provides tracking of assets of any type and supports user-definable data attributes in an intuitive tabbed interface, CAD drawings, invoices received records, expenditure records, and documents of any type are linked to the asset. Any information type may be directly indexed to display with a click of the mouse. Security, flexibility, speed, and ease of use are all features that will help your productivity and profitability.

Data Catalogue Module

The Data Catalogue Module is the basic inventory module of the TerraDox© software package. In it the user captures all the related information on a asset. On-line information and the physical location of off-line information are managed for each asset. Information related to assets (e.g. paper drawings, CAD files, reports, etc) are versioned, checked in and out and work-flow managed to provide maximum productivity to users.

Viewing and Mapping Module

The Viewing and Mapping Module presents a geographically accurate view and plot of all data that has had geographic or formatted pictorial data imported to the database. Functionality is provided to interactively query the data catalogue for specific details on any asset being viewed or, conversely, to pass the co-ordinate information to the plot to create asset maps at any desired scale with full control of all display attributes.

Software Customization

Terra Management recognizes that each user's requirements for asset information management will have some unique needs and therefore makes available a customization service to provide functionality that is specifically tailored to meet these needs.

Take advantage of the many benefits provided by TerraDoxTM 3.2 software:

Save money

...manage information assets visually, pictorially, and by geographic coordinates. No more lost data or cost to acquire and maintain duplicate data.

Save time

...quickly produce accurate asset and related information maps, drawings, and visualizations on any Windows printer or plotting device. No more searching through boxes and lists.

...have scanned legal documents, invoices, transmittals and support legal documents available at the click of the mouse. No more telephone tag with other departments.

Save on business expenses

...utilize your existing databases, document formats, and productivity applications. No more disjointed, hard to maintain database applications and file access methods.

React more quickly

...have information inventory keyed to assets and geographics at your fingertips. No more missed information on scheduled maintenance and repairs. Quick response in case of emergencies.