Terra Management Profile

The Terra Objective

Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Terra Management provides customized software and services, based on our TerraSeis software modules, to the oil and gas exploration industry.

Terra Management will help you connect, combine, and rationalize your exploration information. We can help you restructure and streamline your day-to-day processes, to harvest the wealth of information that may be hiding in your data files. We also will capitalize on your strengths and successes, while freeing your staff from the duties of software development and maintenance. We have invested over ten years in the development, testing, and proving of TerraSeis: a suite of custom-standard tools to meet your specific needs.

Terra Management Inc.

Terra Management is a team of experts in the exploration and informatics profession. Together, we have over 100 years experience in applying technology to meet business needs in cost effective, innovative and creative ways.

Terra's Upper Management Team

Chuck Brophy

A professional Engineer and seasoned Informatics Manager, with 25 years of experience in management information systems, Chuck is the President of Terra and leads the database and software design teams.

Jerry Jelinek

A professional Surveyor and member of the Alberta Society of Mapping Technologies, Jerry has 17 years of experience in seismic surveying, data processing, and mapping. Jerry is Terra's Vice President of Operations and manages the survey and mapping components of the Terra software and services.


Your Relationship With Terra



Workflow analysis: An in-depth, documented understanding of your work processes is essential in customizing the Terra software to your needs. Our team of experts:

  • Examines your workflow, data and documents;
  • Recommends re-engineering opportunities; and
  • Customizes TerraSeis to your match your look, feel, and functionality

Business process re-engineering: Exploit the document management capabilities in TerraSeis to re-engineer your exploration processes:

  • Create and track AFEs and QIs electronically
  • Reduce paper flows by scanning documents and managing then on-line
  • Capitalize on parallel electronic document flows, faxing and mailing documents right from your Terra desktop

Data catalog and media conversion: Terra converts your storage catalogs to common, consistent formats, and provides sourcing and project management for document scanning and media conversion.

TerraSeis™: Terra's proprietary software for the management of structured and unstructured seismic data.

TerraSeis™ features:

  • Accurate, professional package for the Windows environment
  • Fully customized management and tracking of AFEs, QIs, seismic lines, media, survey data, and wells
  • Import, export, conversion, and integration of data catalogs, seismic survey files
  • Document management and imaging
  • Standard and custom report functions
  • Professional plotting and printing of industry standard SEGP1 formatted files
  • Plots in any scale with full control of line and point annotation
  • Supplied with geographic, UTM, DLS, and NTS grids, individually selectable
  • Attach third-party well, culture, shape files for display on your maps
  • Dual monitor support available
  • Print to any installed Windows printer or plotting device