Why Choose Terra Management?

Terra Management's TerraSeis™ software is flexible, reliable, accurate, and comprehensive. No off-the-shelf tool is going to perfectly match your needs. Terra begins by building an understanding of the way you do business. Then we customize our standard software to just the right look, feel, and functionality for a perfect fit. We provide extensive customization and ongoing support to all of our valued consumers.

Terra software includes geographic line viewing, document imaging, data management, and a rich set of features specifically designed for exploration professionals.

Perhaps most importantly, Terra brings a team of friendly, responsive experts to help you get the job done right -- the first time.

Your Payoff

  • Reduced cost to access and manage exploration data
  • Competitive advantage from data consistency, accuracy, and availability
  • Savings in data mapping costs
  • Increased productivity by faster access to information
  • Reductions in technology cost with a Windows platform
  • Savings in data cleanup costs





Data that's not easy to use is easy to lose. If you are physically unable to access data quickly, your exploration activities will suffer.

TerraSeis integrates data from diverse internal and external sources. You use tools to locate your data quickly and accurately under a geographic interface.


Inconsistent data leads to inaccurate exploration data. Acquisitions and mergers make the mix even more interesting.

Data is translated to a common format regardless of the source, and viewed in its native format -- tables, images, or maps.


You might out-source the entry and storage of your data, but you must maintain control of your data - a competitive corporate resource and revenue stream.

Control your data.

TerraSeis' comprehensive interface and flexible search engine allows easy searching, manipulation, and management of your data regardless of the point of entry.

 Cost Effectiveness

You need a solution with a price and performance that delivers what you need without breaking your budget.

Based on a Windows platform, TerraSeis is priced as a PC solution, yet delivers the horsepower to manage large data repositories.

 Business Focus

The wise use of technology is focused on business needs. In a build or buy software decision, the choice to build distracts you from your real business goals.

TerraSeis has been designed by your professional peers to specifically meet exploration needs while remaining flexible and customizable to give you just the right look and feel.


Exploration data is not an island; it's a corporate resource. It must be integrated, shared, and drawn from a bewildering array of diverse sources.

Terra's full line of diverse services will meet all your business needs. We are committed to your success for your data management operations.